Luceys 1880 Café & Food Ordering Ecommerce Website Design

Luceys 1880 Café & Food Ordering Service

Sixmile Design was selected to design and build the new Ecommerce website for Luceys 1880, based in Mallow, Cork.

The crital element to this website was the ability to quickly order food, whether it be hot food, sandwiches or platters of food.

The fresh look of the website and intuitive interface makes it easy and intuative to
browse the  extensive food menus and place orders with just a few clicks.

Overall, the design ensures that you can quickly scan through options and make
selections based on your preferences. The food can be chosen quickly and easily from pop-up windows.

Luceys 1880 Food Ordering on mobile home screen
Luceys 1880 Food Ordering on mobile showing food menu
Luceys 1880 Luceys Cafe on mobile

Luceys 1880 Food Ordering Ecommerce Website

Luceys 1880 Food Ordering website is an Ecommerce website where you can order sandwiches, hot food dishes and food platters. The shop is divided into the different food categories and food products are listed accordingly.

The website is mobile responsive so orders can be made anywhere or on the move. The layout is very much styled on the typical food ordering app allowing for quick ease of use.

This online process has proven particularily popular with institutions who need event catering. In particular ongoing luchtime food ordering for their staff or students.

This is of real benefit for businesses and institutions needing food
orders for their staff and students. Dairy Gold, based in Mallow, Cork,
do their lunchtime ordering through the website. This quick way of ordering multiple meals ensures the staff have their lunchtime meals ordered and delivered for lunchtime.

The students at Patrician Academy, based in Mallow, Cork, do their
ordering through the system for their lunchtime sandwiches and snacks.

Luceys 1880 Food Ordering on mobile showing menu choices
Luceys 1880 Food Ordering on mobile

Online Food Ordering Made Easy

The food ordering system is setup within WordPress and plugins give the extra food ordering functionality that is needed. Luceys 1880 Food Ordering has taken full advantage of this online functionality which offers convenience for customers and increased sales for the business.

The mobile responsive website is a quick way to order food in a restaurant style layout. The food products are listed down the page and hitting the + icon triggers a pop-up window. This pop-up displays the food detail and menu choices. This is quick way of ordering and then leads an automated cart and checkout process.

Food Order Auto Printing

The order is received at Luceys 1880 shop via email and is also setup to automatically print. Printing orders accurately and promptly is crucial for maintaining smooth operations, particularly in a busy restaurant or shop environment. Kitchen staff can then check the printed order and make the food promptly. Printing orders are also useful for tracking and accounting purposes.

An ideal automated food ordering and catering system that is bringing in more business!

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