Luceys Good Food Ecommerce Website Design

Luceys Good Food Ecommerce Website Design

Luceys Good Food Ecommerce Website

Lucey’s Good Food is based in Mallow, Cork and is a butcher and caterer rolled into one. The company sources their produce from local farmers and producers.

There is Ecommerce facility on the website boasting hundreds of products within the Lucey’s online shop. Payments are made onsite within the secure checkout environment.

The website boasts a massive selection of menu’s and catering choices for different occasions with a mouth watering showcase of food photography. The customer is also afforded the opportunity to order catering and menu items straight from the website.

Luceys Good Food - Mobile Website Design
Luceys Good Food - Mobile Website Design - Catering
Luceys Good Food Ecommerce - Mobile Website Design -

Luceys Good Food Ecommerce Solution

Luceys website is an Ecommerce website with hundreds of food products. The shop is divided into the different food categories and  food products are listed accordingly. The site is full of great looking product images which really enhances the look and feel of the site.

There are also customised products where the customer can choose what they want. This includes Steak Boxes, Baby Nights In and Protein Packs. Secure payment can be made through the website at the checkout.

Ecommerce has experienced significant growth, especially in recent years, driven by advances in technology, changes in consumer behaviour, and the convenience it offers. It continues to evolve with innovations like mobile commerce (m-commerce), subscription-based services, and personalized shopping experiences.

Online Forms for Catering

Catering is also a major part of the Luceys shop. There are catering forms on the site where the customer can choose what they want in the way of food. The submitted forms capture customer and catering details thus helping the vendor understand the size and food needed for the event.

Luceys Good Food Ecommerce Web Design
Luceys Catering Online Order Form

Contact Form Ordering

These ordering online forms are automated cancelling out the need for the customer to pickup the phone and order the food. The catering forms on the website automate the ordering process making it easy for the customer to quickly submit their order. 

The catering form in particular is proving a very popular way of ordering online. Even though the form is quite lengthy, going against the grain of good contact form design, it provides  a wide food choice for the consumer. This form in particular is proving a very popular way of ordering food giving a wide selection of food products.

The forms on the site are of course responsive so view just as well on  mobile as they do on desktop so ordering can be done just about anywhere. Again, ease of use is vital here making it an ideal way to place the order online.

Collecting Information

Overall online forms are a great way of collecting information and in this case allowing orders to be made. Direct online payment forms can also be engineered to take actual payments through the contact form as well.

Luceys Good Food Ecommerce Christmas Makeover

It’s always a good idea to transform a website design with a Christmas seasonal makeover as pictured here with the Luceys Good Food ‘Christmas’ home page design.  A Christmas makeover not only captures the spirit of the holidays but also provides an opportunity to showcase special promotions, discounts, and festive content, making it a strategic move to attract and retain the attention of the customer. This is especially relevant for a client like Luceys where the website can showcase food and catering services that are in big demand for this time of year.

Moreover, a Christmas seasonal makeover enhances user engagement and creates a memorable brand experience. The familiar holiday elements resonate with visitors, fostering a sense of connection and community. Increased Christmas themed promotions and products can further elevate the user experience, encouraging increased time spent on the site and promoting social sharing. This temporary festive facelift not only demonstrates the brand’s adaptability and creativity but also establishes a positive and joyful association with your online presence, making it a win-win strategy for both user satisfaction and brand promotion during the Christmas season.

Christmas Present
Luceys Good Food Christmas Website
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