Ab Biotechnology Branding

Ab Biotechnology

Ab Biotechnology Ltd is a well-established company with 10 years’ experience working in the biotechnology industry. The company is located at Pentlands Science Park, 8 miles south of Edinburgh.

Sixmile Design was tasked with designing and building the website. This quickly led to the design of an A4 brochure and exbition graphics. The website showcases the services, products and company information that prospective customers are keen to read about. The contact form then makes for an easy way for the customer to get in touch.

Initially icons (pictured below) were drawn up based on the seven key services Ab Biotechnology provide. These were implemented into the website design and used as key components for the user interface and navigation.


Ab Biotechnology Icon DesignAb Biotechnology Icon DesignAb Biotechnology Icon Design

Leading on from the website design, each page of the brochure was a reflection of the brand’s identity, ensuring that whether online or offline, the audience encountered a unified visual experience.

Design consistency through the website and print material was a guiding principle. Consistency in color schemes, typography, and imagery played a pivotal role in creating a cohesive online presence that reflected the brand’s
values and identity.

The icons implemented at the beginning in the website were used in the brochure and exhibition design to identify and highlight the services on offer.

From the website to the brochure and exhibition graphics, the aim was
to create a seamless visual identity that resonated with the target

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